Blue Lotus Assembly


Samsara and Nirvana

Samsara is mind pulled outward when beholding externals. Lost and confused in the deluded belief in the reality of what the mind itself creates through interpretation, and then projects outward, [...]

“Great Wheel of Truth” Mantra

Winter Quest 2017 — we practiced Kuji 2 alignment and revitalization and balancing of the body’s psycho-physical centers. We used the mantra “Enerchii” (“Energy”), but here is the formal practice [...]

Hannya Shin Kyo “Heart Sutra” Notes

MA-KA HAN-NYA HA-RA MI-TA SHIN-KYO “Heart” of Transcendental Wisdom Teaching KAN-JI-ZAI BO-SA-(TSU) Kannon bodhisattva GYO JIN HAN-NYA HA-RA-MI-TA steeped in transcendental wisdom JI SHO KEN GO UN KAI KU saw [...]

21st Century Religion?

Religion can be said to be humanity’s attempt to know the unknowable and control the uncontrollable. Religion also entails a belief that reality is underpinned by some absolute external supernatural [...]

Being Aware of the Mind’s Process

Did you ever have a nightmare so real that you actually felt rescued upon awakening? You felt a deep sense of joy and liberation when you realized it was “only [...]

Spirituality in Martial Arts Class?

A friend wrote critically of codes and creeds in martial arts schools. He feels people just want fitness and self-defense and do not sign up for what he calls “Boy [...]

Glimpses of What Could Be

What would it feel like if you could, after years of working hard at understanding life, sit under a tree and vow not to get up until you truly grasped [...]

Phurba Pierces Problem States

Friends have asked me about some of the techniques that keep me intrigued with my Tibetan teachers who share with me their ageless lore of the Dorje Phurba “demon-defeating dagger”. [...]

Ganden Shartse Monks on Tour

Friends who visit my home sometimes compliment a large hanging thangka scroll picture of the historical Buddha displayed on the landing at the end of of my 3rd floor hallway. [...]
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