Blue Lotus Assembly

Samsara and Nirvana

Samsara is mind pulled outward when beholding externals.

Lost and confused in the deluded belief in the reality of what the mind itself creates through interpretation, and then projects outward, externals are perceived to be absolute independent self-existing reality.
We are caught.

Nirvana is mind turned inward and recognizing the true nature of externals.

Recognizing the mind’s true nature, perceived externals are recognized as the mind’s projections, and then their seeming reality dawns into understanding.
We are freed.

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  1. Chador Red Thunder

    How easily we are caught. And then again, how easily we are freed. 🙏

  2. Jim McFarland

    Interesting that even thoughts, feelings and so called internal phenomena are still “externals”- the world of appearances” – it’s turning inward to that which holds all of these?

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