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Phurba Pierces Problem States

Friends have asked me about some of the techniques that keep me intrigued with my Tibetan teachers who share with me their ageless lore of the Dorje Phurba “demon-defeating dagger”. Are you up for trying out an exercise?

The phurba dagger is a very real tool – a 3-edged blade like the famous commando daggers once used in western warfare but now banned in warfare for being just too fiercely deadly. Hand-held phurba spike daggers can be made of silver, gold, copper, or iron, or carved from wood of white, yellow, red, or black colors. However, the phurba is most important as a symbol of focused intention even more powerful than the hand-held blade.

What would you do with a weapon that could pierce through conditions in your life that stood in opposition to your fulfillment? What would you change right away if you had a tool that could nail into powerless paralysis any situations that caused lack or frustration in your life?

So here’s exercise one: Find one small condition that nags your life right now. Find something that you want but cannot seem to get, or something you dislike but cannot seem to dump. For this exercise, start with something relatively small, some little thing easy to identify, something that you will clearly recognize as being cured if or when a positive change comes about. We will save the big things for later.

Maybe you find some toxic condition you want to relieve – too much debt, excess body weight, unsafe car, co-workers or friends who bring you down, poor health, too much stress, overworked, etc. – something to purge in order to purify your life.

Maybe you will find some acceptable condition you want to expand – Mildly “OK” home or career or health or relationships or financial security or knowledge or appearance, etc. – but it could be and should be more satisfying and enriching.

Maybe you find your life missing key people, or positioning, or access to the kind of influence that would allow you to advance and accomplish – you lack the right allies, lovers, mentors, opportunities, titles, or outright patron sponsors – people or conditions to attract and bind to you in order to give your life the boost in momentum it needs.

Maybe you find your life invaded by people or groups or situations or conditions that seem to target you specifically and hold you back from what is rightfully yours – rivals, competitors, jailers, saboteurs, or outright enemies – some identifiable force to conquer and nail down out of the way in order for your life to be free to blossom.

Exercise One, part Two is to sit and take a deep breath and very clearly and explicitly identify with a vision in your mind’s inner eye and in as few strong words as possible just what you want to change. Stay with that for a few moments and repeat this step over and over to be sure you are focused. If you are comfortable with spiritual adventure, you could even press your palms together with the fingers of each hand gripping like claws the knuckles of the other hand as illustrated as Kuji no In Ge-baku-ken mudra in Chapter 5 in book 2 of Ninja; The Complete Collection. I will show you a minor adjustment of that sometime when we are together personally.

Exercise One, part Three is then to watch very carefully over the next week for any and all signs, coincidences, omens, hints, whispers, or offers that could indicate a possible solution to your challenge. Just remember to pay attention and look for even the most subtle of communications as to an answer. See what catches your awareness directly, obliquely, or in moments of distraction or even dreaming.

Try it and write me a comment on what you experience.

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  1. Chador

    Dear An-Shu,

    I am glad you did not reply to my post because it was a bit superficial of me to ask you if you had anything further for me. Of course you do, but I have not yet finished the first lesson. So please excuse my ignorance. I have now realized that I have only scratched the surface with this lesson, and it is continuing to help me in much more life-changing ways. I will stay in touch and keep you updated. Domo arigato.

  2. Chador

    Dear Anshu Hayes,

    It is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you once again. I began reading your books back in the late 80’s and started training with you at your Warrior Quest seminars in 1991. In 1994 I suffered a back injury at work and shortly thereafter my economic condition changed. So, I have only been able to train with the DVDs and videos and read your books over and over again. I haven’t been on the computer much until lately when I linked to the Blue Lotus Assembly site from your Quest site. I read your entry on the Dorje Phurba dagger and thought about it a couple of weeks before deciding that I really should try the lesson. You said to start with something small and then listed a few examples. The thing that kept coming to mind was my financial status. I just got a job after 2 years being without, and so I am very strapped for anything extra and still visit the food bank every once in a while. I decided to do the visualization on removing the bonds that keep me from prosperity and keep prosperity from me. I happen to have a dorje Phurba dagger and held it while placing my hands in the Kuji no In Ge-baku-ken mudra. To make a long story short, I was at the store and passed by the sodas, and thought, “If they had a Big Red I would get it,” even though I couldn’t really afford it. They didn’t and I went on thinking it was just as well. Later on I made a stop at the food bank to help me make it to my next paycheck. When I got home, guess what was in the food they gave me, a Big Red! I was startled, and it made me laugh. Now while I know soda is not the best thing for me, Big Red was my favorite when I was a kid. It was one of the good memories of my childhood. And that’s not all, I was also allowed to change the date on one of my bills so that I could cover it with my next paycheck and catch up, making everything much easier now. So anyway, this is my story of how this lesson works. I will continue to work with this. Domo arigato!

    Do you have anything further for me?

  3. Matt

    I tried this exercise this last week to remove a temporary acting supervisor who has been victimizing myself and others at work. Yesterday she announced she was going on vacation for about a week and a half and that her assignment was ending May 8.

  4. ilona

    how wonderfull.. for over a period of 6 months I have tried to collect a simmilar dagger, to wear around my neck. I don’t know why, but I have this enormously strong feeling I have to do so. Can you explain why I feel de need te wear it?? Mayby I am ready to learn more about this universe??

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