How to Own the World
A Code for Taking the Path of the Spiritual Explorer

by Stephen K. Hayes

How to Own the World This collection of meditations offers a powerful and useful program for examining the role of the individual in the complexity of the grand unfolding experience of life shared by all. Author Stephen K. Hayes draws upon experiences with key teachers from his life-long quest for insights in order to compile this clear and direct statement of the ideal of the spiritual explorer. Sections include considerations on ethics, truths about life, meditation, heroic living, and spiritual aspiration. Written in extremely straightforward English, How To Own The World presents the truths of the ancient wisdom of the East in a form readily accessible to the West. Click here for more info.

ISBN 0-9632473-2-8     115 pages     Soft cover     $14.95

Action Meditation
The Japanese Diamond and Lotus Tradition

by Stephen K. Hayes

Action Meditation This text is an introduction to some of the ancient classical practices that make up the roots of the contemporary Miami Valley Meditation program. Author Stephen K. Hayes lucidly translates the historical tradition of Japanese Tendai Mikkyo “Esoteric Secrets” in a way that links explanatory text with actual practice methods. Sections include meditations for discovering highest truth, generating inner and outer calm, projecting intentions to become reality, attaining alignment with the grander powers of universal totality. Extremely accessible English translations accompany the original Japanese and Sanskrit phrases, so that Action Meditation serves as an inspiring guide to realizations that have been the goal of spiritual seekers for thousands of years. Click here for more info.

ISBN 0-9632473-7-9     175 pages    Kindle eBook     $9.95

Enlightened Warrior
Gyo-ja Practitioner Recitation Handbook for Daily Practice

by Stephen K. Hayes

Enlightened Warrior Gyo-Ja Practitioner Recitation HandbookThis collection of 12 recitation meditations forms the base of Blue Lotus Assembly daily exploration in what is referred to as “Level 3” practice. Written in Romanized Japanese with extremely straightforward English translations and Japanese kanji to aid in study towards depth understanding, the 12-part Recitation Handbook is a self-directed study of the basics of Blue Lotus Assembly Kasumi-An Yamabushi-style Buddhist thought and practice. Click here for more info.

Private publication     28 pages     Soft cover      $12


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