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An-shu Stephen K. Hayes presents an advancing experience in the study of Vajrakilaya, Tibetan spirit of removing the obstacles to fulfillment in life. Special feature is a “tsok” tantric feast celebration Sunday afternoon. Tuition is $299 – sign up today! 937 971-1202


Vajrakilaya is a wrathful manifestation of Vajrasattva, the buddha of purification. The practice of Vajrakilaya focuses on removing intense inner and outer obstacles to peace, happiness, and enlightenment.

In today’s difficult times, anxieties about our personal life and world conditions can create disturbing thought-forms within us.

“The transformation that occurs when the afflictive emotions are subdued with sharp discriminating awareness is the arising of the wrathful deities. The actual nature of the afflictive emotions is primordial wisdom, thus the five poisons are the five wisdoms. Through the power of awareness the
afflictive emotions collapse and this collapsing is revealing of their true nature, primordial wisdom. This collapsing or transformation is the wrathful deity. The wrathful deities are infuriated with compassion, they are not angry. They are like a mother taming a mischievous child. The mother loves the child and becomes infuriated in order to help her child. The wrathful deities arise with intense compassion taming the very coarse afflictive emotions of sentient beings. Their compassion is even more intense than the compassion of peaceful deities.”
~His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche~

Vajrakilaya practice is especially helpful and suitable during this time, both for individual practitioners and for the well-being of the world community as a whole.


with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes

1. EVOCATION – Summon the piercing point of truth into your life
“Recalling Your True Face, Finding Your True Path”

As a result of all we have encountered and experienced from life’s beginning, we each carry deep in our core a conviction as to our own special identity. For most of us, this is generally a positive thing. But in even the most tough and hardy, old scars and scoldings block us from attaining fullest potentials in life.

There is a vehicle for exploring how to remove the obstacles to achieve fullest power living. It takes us out into life to confront fear, confusion, and weakness in a direct and purposeful way. Each step on the path has the potential for waking us up to all we were meant to be in life.

By coming face to face with the root “ghosts” of where old personal hold-backs began, and learning to banish the limitations that have slowly crept in to define us, we can find our original face, remember the song of our spirit, return to authenticity, and re-pledge ourselves to our truest personal path.

Author, teacher, and world-renowned martial arts master Stephen K. Hayes shares with you how to accomplish this and start off on your journey. He presents you with a collection of significant exercises and practice models for evoking your truest inner greatness and redirecting yourself as a master of life.

A series of 4 ten-hour weekend immersions into the secret inner knowledge of the Vajrayana “Diamond Thunderbolt” tradition initiates you into recalling your true face, remembering your true gift, summoning your true inner teacher, and finding your true path.

  • Silver Dagger – Exorcising Power of the Wave
  • Gold Dagger – Enriching Mountains of Strength
  • Copper Dagger – Empowering Electric Thunder
  • Iron Dagger – Emancipating Eye of the Storm

5. INVOCATION – Empower the piercing point of truth in your life
Empowerment by the Five Lights of Wisdom in a special 3-day retreat with fellow graduates of the four workshops in the Evocation series

6. AVOCATION – Assist all others with the piercing point of truth at work in life
Generating a whole new world system from within

The circle of adepts convenes for the liberation of spirit in self and others

Using the phurba dagger stake as a tool of exorcism for taking away the power of what would obstruct goodness and brightness and wholeness in the world

Setting off on a journey to create your own circle of adepts and initiating them onto the path


“Heart of Light, Blade of Thunder”

Next training opportunity “to be announced”. Please check back for information later.