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Vajra-kila-ya (Sanskrit) and Dorje-phurba (Tibetan) mean “Irreducible depth truth piercing through like a dagger-spike”. The sharp point of the 3-edged phurba nails destructive influences and forces them to reform. Enlightening power pierces through the painful ignorance at the root of aggressive anger, desperate greediness, fearful clinging, insecure envy, and arrogant egotism. Penetrating the root of emotional afflictions and intellectual obscurations, the dagger of awareness alleviates problems by purifying their power to do damage.

What if life were like a dream, and in that dream you forgot how truly powerful you were? What if in that dream you forgot how helpful you could be? What if you forgot how much everyone is counting on you to find your way to authentic power and purity? What if you forgot your duty to find and offer your song?

Through Vajrakilaya practice you wake up and realize you are not some small ordinary being. At your most authentic, there is a part of you that is an imposing presence of the intense power of inherent enlightened nature. This part of you manifests as an uncompromising form that liberates negativity by nailing and overpowering its root causes. You fight ignorant fire with enlightened fire, negative force with enlightened force. Some can readily access this aspect of themselves. Others will need to work with increased concentration to find this inner potential.

There are four steps to accomplishing effective Vajrakilaya visualization meditation.

First, like a pledge in a fraternal lodge, you promise to achieve full activation by identifying with this special part of your genetic and karmic makeup.

Next, your pledge vow attracts from the universe the reassuring verification of the truth of the wisdom you promise to engage.

Then in your committed heart of hearts you compassionately visualize, verbalize, and vitalize your power to remove inner and outer obstacles to peace, happiness, and enlightenment for everyone throughout the world.

Finally, in a completion stage, your fully unified energies work to change the very structure of your body and spirit and thereby the entire universe itself.

In our currently challenging times, anxiety over unpredictable violence, cultural upheaval, natural disasters, and financial havoc creates fierce disturbing thought-forms as forces in action. With billions of people concerned over threats to peace and fulfillment, shared thought-forms create a web of great turmoil throughout the world. This in turn ignites even more afflictive emotions, creating inner obstacles to enlightened happiness, which in turn manifest as more outer obstacles in life. For many reasons, Vajrakilaya practice is especially appropriate and necessary now at this difficult point in the 21st Century, for individuals and the world as a whole.

Vajrakilaya rites use the power of the phurba dagger-spike to overthrow obstructions to enlightened goodness. Obstacles manifest as internal afflictions like mental or emotional distress, or as external blights like plague, pestilence, invasion, drought, famine, or problem entities we might call demons or ghosts. Vajrakilaya siddhi powers to be derived include:

  • Silver phurba – white east buddha water power pacifies negative situations for relief. Maybe you find some toxic condition you want to relieve – Too much debt, excess body weight or not enough weight, unsafe car, co-workers or friends who bring you down, poor health, too much stress, overworked, depression, etc. – something to purge in order to purify your life. You are caught in a place of lack, like a hole in the ground and you need to get back up to level ground to get going. Or you are in a place of restriction, like a cell or a cage and you need to break free to open space to get going. If your magic silver dagger could alleviate a problem for you, what would you ask for? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what solution would you deliver?

  • Gold phurba – yellow south jewel earth power increases well-being, prosperity, and long life. Maybe you find some acceptable condition you want to expand – Mildly “OK” home or career or health or relationships or financial security or knowledge or appearance, etc. – but you could and should enrich to be more satisfying. You are stuck in a place of no momentum, like a plateau in your finances or career and you need to get moving and climbing. Or you are in a condition of limitation, like mediocre health or dull days and you need to ramp up the degree of elevation or success. If your magic golden dagger could bring you a boost, what would you ask for? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what gift would you deliver?

  • Copper phurba – red west lotus fire power attracts and controls desired situations, people, and influence. Maybe you find your life missing key people, or positioning, or access to the kind of influence that would allow you to advance and accomplish. You lack the right allies, lovers, mentors, opportunities, titles, or outright patron sponsors, people or conditions to attract in order to give your life the boost in momentum it needs. If your magic copper dagger could bring you a powerful ally or situation, what would you ask for? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what opportunity would you deliver?

  • Iron phurba – black (or green) north karma wind power destroys obstructor enemies for more security. Maybe you find your life invaded by people or groups or situations or conditions that seem to target you specifically and hold you back from what is rightfully yours. You are blocked or impeded by rivals, competitors, jailers, saboteurs, or outright enemies, some identifiable force to conquer and blow away in order for your life to be free to blossom. If your magic iron dagger could eliminate an obstructor, what inner or outer enemy would you banish? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what threat would you eliminate?

The uncommon siddhi spiritual power attainment is:

  • Blue central vajra power for enlightened awakening – the highest of all phurba powers. If your magic crystal dagger could eliminate an obstacle to enlightened realization, what would you obliterate? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what block to fulfillment would you eliminate?

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