Blue Lotus Assembly

Links & Locations

Tibetan Teacher Web Links

HH Dalai Lama ( personal web site, one of An-shu's teachers

HH Sakya Trizin personal website of one of An-shu's teachers

Pema Tsal Monastic School of Lama Kunga Dhondup in Pokhara, Nepal, branch of Khenpo Pema Wangdak's Vikramasila Foundation, one of An-shu's teachers
Please consider donating to assist the young monk students!

Gar Drolma Dharma Center Drikung Garchen Rinpoche's center in Dayton, Ohio, one of An-shu's teachers

Vajrakilaya Dorje-Phurba training in North America

Japanese Teacher Web Links

Tendai in Japan (Japanese language)

Mt. Hiei main Tendai temple in Japan (Japanese language)

Shoren-In Tendai temple in Japan, home-temple of Tendai poet priest Jien (1155-1225), from which Blue Lotus Assembly derives its name

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