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Living and sharing spiritual brightness.

Blue Lotus Assembly is a vibrant and self-sustaining spiritual community. We are dedicated to sharing authentic practices for realizing enlightened human potential with all people who seek a deeper, truer, more significant experience of life.

Enlightenment is a momentary breakthrough of clarity as to the true nature of reality. New insight or understanding dawns. Possibilities for growth to new levels of psychological and spiritual maturity open. With the breakthrough awakening to new awareness, life is experienced through a new perspective. Former habit patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior fall away. New ways for more authentic living emerge.

We are fortunate - we are following a path and we know what to do. But so many other people do not have that. A lot of people are struggling. Even though they may not even be interested in our path, they still need assistance in stabilizing their minds and managing their emotions.

Blue Lotus Assembly can do many things to bring help, resolution, and joy to all people. This benefit may happen in many different ways—not just as our teaching, meditation, or yoga. It could come in all kinds of forms,  like fashion, music, movies, books, and workshops. Of course, what we do will be based on spiritual wisdom, but we enjoy working with bigger ideas to help people achieve peace, happiness, and understanding.

Blue Lotus Assembly also serves as Stephen & Rumiko Hayes' personal charity supporting spiritual education work around the world. Current charitable projects include:

We invite you to attend our illuminating programs in the USA and support our friends' work in Asia.

Dai-Sendatsu Headmaster An-Shu Stephen Kinryu-Jien Hayes leads regular practice sessions, initiations, and seminars at the SKH Quest Center in Dayton, Ohio.


We present opportunities for people to explore meditation as a way to increase well-being and gain understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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