All Boils Down to Two Main Purposes

We have two main practice types that guide progress in our Kasumi-An Shugendo.

On one hand, we practice to cultivate more power. This means we practice those things that add to our useable power, and practice those things that will reduce our unconscious habits that lead to dissipated or leaked away power. We become a powerhouse.

On the other hand, we practice healing, building up, and enhancing the paths of all confused or demoralized beings. This means we practice skillful ways of directing our power to aid even those who might resist our help out of fear, superstition, or ignorance. We become a power source.

Eventually, we run low after giving away personal power to help others. We need practices to rebuild and replenish our power.

And power built up needs a place to go, a situation to enhance or correct, or it corrupts as it percolates inwardly, inflating our ego and self importance. We need practices to use our power to enhance the lives of all.

Everything we do in our Kasumi-An Shugendo relates to one of these two goals.