5 Wisdom Transformations

For decades I have searched for teachings on how the 5 personality flaws (anger, neediness, ignorance, egotism, envy) are said to be transformed into the 5 parts of wisdom. Just how are the negatives transformed into the positives? What is the process? I am still researching, but here is a very brief overview of the process:

From the water element, when we recognize our hatred and alienation and show it patience, it becomes a deep clear mindfulness; distance and space to notice what is truly there. “It is what it is.” May all beings find clarity and transmute anger and rejection to become the wisdom that is like a great round mirror reflecting what is. Knowing from a distance gives us precision.

From the fire element, when we recognize desire and desperation and approach it with compassion, it becomes focused discernment; zeroing in on just the right thing for the specific situation at hand. “Target zeroed in.” May all beings find direction and transmute greedy desperation to become the wisdom of discernment. Focusing in on what we want gives us direction.

From the earth element, when we recognize our pride and egotism and show it some curiosity and open-mindedness, it becomes insight into the equality of all things; everything has its value. “It’s all good.” May all beings find openness and transmute tight arrogance to become the wisdom of seeing the value of all. Accepting all that benefits us gives us bigness.

From the wind element, when we recognize our envy and restlessness and add disciplined commitment, it becomes all-accomplishing action; you make your contribution. “So how can I help?” May all beings find purpose and transmute jealous insecurity to become the wisdom of accomplishment. Recognizing and seizing our opportunities gives us completion.

From the void element, when we recognize our ignorance and dullness and add depth of understanding, it becomes awakening to the bigger picture; the calm certainty of knowing all that is. “So that’s the true nature of reality.” May all beings find wisdom and transmute confused ideas to become insight into the vastness of truth. Allowing broadness of mind gives us advancement.