Blue Lotus Assembly

December 2019

the sound of horns

by Jason Anders Life around the temple moves with the rhythm of the practices and performances of the place. Awakening pre-dawn by the sounds of horns. A cool breeze moves [...]

The shepard and the goat

by Jason Anders We were hiking along the valley behind Pema Ts’al in Nepal. Sheer cliffs to the right, snaky river to the left. As we began to round the [...]

view from the terrace

by Jason Anders An-shu watches clouds seem to part across a peak. A view from a monastery terrace where we waited for supper together at Pema Ts’al in Nepal.

panoramic offerings

by Jason Anders At Pema Ts’al monastery in Nepal, a condensed panoramic image. Yellow flags cover the Vajrakilaya mandala and artifacts at left. At right, windows open to clean, cold, [...]
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